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Regular Leagues (Ladies / Men / Mixed / Spare Only)
    Annual Club Membership - $100.00 per person (includes being added to spares list(s))
    + First League (Men or Ladies or Mixed) - $200.00 per person
    + Second League (Mixed or Ladies or Men) - $100.00 per person
             League fees are proportionate based on 4 players per team,
               so a team of 5 players would pay 200*4/5 each;
               a team of 3-players would pay 200*4/3 each; etc.

Special Leagues (no Annual Club Membership fee)
    Juniors - $100 per person  we lack volunteers
    Seniors - per game drop-in fee 5$/game
    Sturling - 50$/person for 6-game rounds, 30$/person for 4-game rounds
    Doubles Open League  - 100$/person for 10-game round, 30$/person for 4-game rounds
    Spring Open League - 40$/person 4-game rounds

League Game days 
    [season is 22-24 weeks] check League tab for the respective coordinator.

Men - Mondays 19h00, Oct-Mar
Ladies - Tuesdays 19h00, Oct-Mar
Mixed (modified) - Wednesdays 19h00, Oct-Mar
Junior - Sundays 16-17h30, Nov-Mar volunteeers would set timings
Super - Thursdays 19h30 until Christmas
Senior - Wednesday 09h30 drop-in pay-as-you-go
Sturling - Fridays 19h00 & 20h15  Oct-Dec (6 games), Feb-Mar (6 games), Apr (4 games)
Doubles - Thursdays 19h30 Jan-Mar (10 games), Apr (4 games)
Open - Thursdays 19h00, Apr


Registration will be completed upon payment.  Payment due by noon on the day noted in the Club Calendar; this is to finalize team count for the DrawMaster.

Payment to Cold Lake Curling Club - eTransfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Contact us before Registration DUE (see CLCC Calendar) to consider alternate arrangements.

Examples of fees
the fee for a person joining one Regular League would be 100+200 = $300;
or joining two leagues would be 100+200+100 = $400.
Example for team of more than four:
the fee per person on a team of 6 would be 100+200*4/6 = 100+134 = $234.
Example for team of three:
the fee per person on a team of 3 would be 100+200*4/3 = 100+ 267 = $367.


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Upcoming Events

General Meeting & Skips briefing
2023-09-27 6:00 PM
Fees DUE
2023-09-28 12:00 PM
Season 2023 starts
2023-10-02 7:00 PM
Dec/Jan Break
2023-12-21 6:00 AM
Men's Bonspiel
2024-01-19 12:00 PM
Ladies Bonspiel
2024-02-02 12:00 PM
Mixed Bonspiel
2024-03-08 1:00 PM
Open Doubles Bonspiel
2024-04-26 1:00 PM

League Schedules

League schedules, teams and results can all be found in the members section of the website once you LOGIN.

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Cold Lake Curling Club

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Cold Lake, AB   T9M 2C3 

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About The Club

The Cold Lake Curling Club is located in the Cold Lake Golf & Winter Club on 4 Wing / CFB Cold Lake.

For general inquiries including ice bookings, meeting room rentals, and banquet bookings, contact the General Office at 780-594-5341 x23.

The Grill/Bar/Lounge is 780-594-5341 x24
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