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Rent Ice/Room/Lounge. I was wondering if one is able to rent a sheet or two during the week timings around 1200-1600hrs. If so, what are the costs associated with it?

Renting Ice, Meeting Rooms, Lounge, or banquets is done through the Pro Shop. See the bottom banner of any page, bottom right.


Covid-19 protocols 2022

Curling Alberta is allowing clubs to start the season without any COVID-19 restrictions. Let's keep it that way!

General Info. I'm new to Cold Lake and curling. I would like to get into curling but don't really know when it starts and all that.

Yay, we love new curlers!
Keep an eye on the home page: we publish events on the calendar (e.g. registration dates); and announcements on the news section (e.g. free curling clinics).
Schedules and standings are published on the respective league page.
Fees are outlined on the Membership tab.

League and Spare. Hi, I'm looking to join the men's league, either as a spare or full time. I would also be interested in sparing for the mixed league.

You can join one or more leagues, and/or spare in one or more leagues. See "Curling" tab for membership informaiton. You can register online, or in-person (see calendar & news for seasonal dates)

Novice. Hello, I was wondering if you have teams with beginners. I have never curled before. Thanx so much.

We love new members, regardless of age or experience. My father still curls in his 90s, my 20s kids just started... There are Curling Clinics at the start of every season.
We try to set up novices with experienced players. We also have teams of only novices. Invariably, when an opponent realizes you are a novice, they are willing to coach you throughout the game... Hang in there!

Contacts. HI I'm the director of website and communications for our club and would like to send you posters for our bonspiels this winter. Who can I send them to?

Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Also, check out our executives list; can't go wrong connecting with one of them.

Bonspiel. I haven't been in a bonspiel before and I'm wondering what will be the minimum and maximum number of games we will play.

The number of guaranteed games is determined by the number of events. So a 3 event bonspiel (A,B,C events) would mean a minimum of 3 games if you lose every game.
The maximum number of games is determined by the total number of teams in the bonspiel. So a 32 team bonspiel would mean a maximum of 5 games if you keep winning.

Spares List. Hi there, I'm interested in signing up to be a spare for the womens league. How much is it and do you have any details on being a spare? Thanks

Welcome! We're always looking for new members.
To join one or more spares lists (or leagues), sign-up using "Signup - new to clubl" or attend a Registration & Payment date (see calendar events or news).
Fees are outlined on the "Membership" page.
As a spare, you will be contacted by a team who is missing a player for one or more games.

Bonspiels. Where can I go to see a list of bonspiel dates?

Bonspiels. Check our "Curling" tab, General - Links includes one to Curling Alberta, who maintain a list of bonspeils and events that clubs submit to them.  We also post our bonspiel posters, and posters we get from other clubs, on the "Events" tab.

Seniors. Hi, My aunt is interested in joining the seniors league-is registration still available (if so, where can it be done) or is it drop in only? Also, what are the fees for seniors-is it the Club Fee or drop in fee?

Seniors. The Seniors League is a Drop-In format, no registration required - check out the Seniors League - Seniors Home Page.
The only cost is the drop-in fee; no membership required. Members are also welcome, of course, for the same drop-in fee.

Can you please sign me up for the next beginner curling clinic? Thanks,

Learn to Curl clinics. There is no advance sign-up required. Just show up on the first of the two-part clinic.
We usually have a couple two-part clinics - one around Registration night, and another close to the beginning of league curling.
Keep an eye on the home page, "Upcoming Events" and/or the "Calendar".

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General Meeting & Skips briefing
2023-09-27 6:00 PM
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2023-09-28 12:00 PM
Season 2023 starts
2023-10-02 7:00 PM
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2023-12-21 6:00 AM
Men's Bonspiel
2024-01-19 12:00 PM
Ladies Bonspiel
2024-02-02 12:00 PM
Mixed Bonspiel
2024-03-08 1:00 PM
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2024-04-26 1:00 PM

League Schedules

League schedules, teams and results can all be found in the members section of the website once you LOGIN.

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The Cold Lake Curling Club is located in the Cold Lake Golf & Winter Club on 4 Wing / CFB Cold Lake.

For general inquiries including ice bookings, meeting room rentals, and banquet bookings, contact the General Office at 780-594-5341 x23.

The Grill/Bar/Lounge is 780-594-5341 x24
The Pro Shop is 780-594-5341 x21 / [email protected]